Welcome to Dr. Michael Mullan's website.

Michael Mullan is a biomedical researcher of the β-amyloid protein and its relation to Alzheimer’s disease. Mullan's Alzheimer research is well known among Biomedical Community. Dr. Mullan's Alzheimer research work   resulted in identifying the most widely known Swiss Mutation that is present in familial form. Transgenic Animal for Alzheimer Disease uses Swiss Mutation.

Dr. Mullan is currently the directorof the Roskamp Institute in Sarasota, Florida. Under Dr. Mullan's guidelines the institute is carrying out cutting edge research in Alzheimer's, Traumatic Brain Research, Gulf War Illness and other neuropsychiatric disorder. Some of the current research areas that the institute works on:

Please visit this and other linked sites frequently to learn more about research activities at the Roskamp Institute. Also visit blogs in this site to obtain valuble information and comments by Dr. Michael Mullan


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